Kate Humpherys

Hey There!

You know that kid at school that got excited about getting a new planner each September, yup that was me! And I’m still a planner addict now, I still have a filofax and a Happy Planner and an Erin Condren, you get the idea!  

Planning, systemizing, developing structure to create calm amongst the chaos. This is what I am all about and this is why you need me. I love to bring order to the pandemonium. You should see my sock drawer, it is a thing of beauty!


Side by side

As your OBM, I will work alongside you with focus and motivation to reach those essential goals and simplify your business responsibilities.  I will ensure your goals inform the work and that your team is not simply completing ‘busy’ work.

With me managing your online business, you can once again enjoy your freedom with the knowledge that when you step away, your business will thrive and flourish. You choose how you spend your hours and days. Be with your family. Go on vacation. Pursue hobbies. Or, simply give yourself the time to focus on how you want to develop and grow your company. Stop feeling like an overwhelmed employee. Start feeling like a boss again.

I know the value of systems and ninja-like productivity, first hand. My experience as a high school teacher led me to burn out and I had to find ways to switch it off and to remind myself that there is life outside of work.

When I discovered the role of Online Business Manager, I went all Jerry Maguire and knew this role had been made for me. I have a passion to bring streamlined systems and organization to entrepreneurs. I’d love to help you, we should chat.

Boy Mum

Before everything else, I'm a Mama to my boy (10). We love to build Lego's together, watch Star Wars, and build dens in the woods.

The 1980's

The movies, the clothes, the films, I love them all! I'm an eighties girl through and through!


I'm a serious tea drinker, some people may be wine aficionados, for me...it's tea! I love the ritual and the million moments I've shared with loved ones over a brew.