pre-selling your course

Pre-selling Your Course Before You Create It

Pre-selling your course is a simple solution to what can seem an overwhelming problem; creating interest in something that does not yet exist.  What if you have this fantastic idea, an answer to a problem, and it’s going to guide so many and propel them forward to that next level.

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need an OBM

Ten Reasons You Need An OBM

Hey there business owners, do you have  an online presence? Silly question right, who doesn’t? If so, perhaps you’re wondering why you need an Online Business Manager or, OBM as we’re called?  Are you constantly working those late night hours trying to get everything done that you didn’t quite get to earlier? Are

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finding an OBM

Five Tips for Finding An OBM

Business is good, really good and you are extremely busy. This is great. And you’ve thought about the reasons why you would need an Online Business Manager and have now decided to hire your Online Business Manager. But where do you start looking for an OBM?  To simplify this process, I’ve put together

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