Hiring a VA taking back your time and increasing profits

Successfully Hiring a VA: Taking Back Your Time and Increasing Profits

Are you ready to take the leap and hire a Virtual Assistant (VA)? Bringing a VA onboard can be a game changer for your business. It not only frees up your time, allowing you to concentrate on growth strategies, but also introduces fresh perspectives. However, the prospect of hiring a VA might seem overwhelming if you’re uncertain about where to begin. In this blog post, I’ll guide you through the process of hiring a VA and highlight some common pitfalls to avoid.

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Reaching a point in your business where you feel like you’re becoming a prisoner to your business and that scaling your operation single-handedly is no longer feasible is a clear indicator that hiring a VA should be your next step. While it’s tempting to quickly post a job on LinkedIn or Facebook, this approach is arguably one of the worst. Within hours, you will find your inbox inundated with approximately 1238 messages from potential VA’s. This flood of responses can be overwhelming, leading you to hastily check a few profiles and perhaps impulsively schedule calls without a clear understanding of their rates, technical abilities, suitability for your specific needs, or their availability.

There’s a more effective strategy to hire a VA. Here are my five steps on how to successfully hire a VA for your business:

Step 1: Identify Tasks to Delegate

Before you bring a VA on board, you’ll need to know exactly what tasks they’ll be handling. This isn’t just about ‘busy work’, it’s about strategically removing tasks from your to-do list. Analyse your business operations and identify tasks that are time-consuming, drain your energy or outside your expertise. These could range from administrative tasks to social media management.

Mistake to Avoid: Don’t hold back on delegation. Remember, your VA is there to support you and help your business grow.

Step 2: Creating Your VA Application Form

Begin with a well-crafted application form. This is your first interaction with potential VAs, so make sure it reflects your business, its ethos, brand values and its needs. Include questions about their skills, experience, and availability. Avoid generic forms; instead, ask specific questions related to the tasks you need help with. Give the VA a clear picture of what you need and you’re more likely to find a good fit.

Mistake to Avoid: Don’t rush through creating the form. Take your time to ensure it’s comprehensive and reflects your needs accurately. A hastily made application form can result in a sea of mismatched candidates, where the task of finding ‘the one’ could be likened to seeking a needle in a haystack.

Step 3: Calculate the Hours Needed

Next, estimate how many hours you’ll need your VA for each week. This estimate will depend on the tasks you’re delegating and the complexity of those tasks. This is where running a time audit can be incredibly helpful to give you a clear picture of how long different tasks actually take.

Mistake to Avoid: Don’t underestimate the time it takes to complete tasks. Always allow for a reasonable buffer.

Step 4: Decide on a Payment Rate

Your budget will play a crucial role in the hiring process. Determine a fair rate based on the complexity of tasks and the level of experience you’re seeking.

Mistake to Avoid: Don’t compromise on quality to save costs. Remember, a skilled VA is an investment towards your business growth and will give you back your time, the most precious commodity of all.

Step 5: Establish Processes and Onboarding

Lastly, have clear processes in place for your new VA. This includes task management systems, communication channels, and regular check-ins. Additionally, invest time in a thorough onboarding process to ensure your VA understands their role and your business.

Mistake to Avoid: Don’t neglect the onboarding process. A well-prepared VA will be more effective and efficient. If you’re not clear on what you want your VA to do, it will be imposible for them to complete tasks to your specifications and this can cause frustration on both sides.


Hiring a VA is a significant step towards scaling your business. By following these steps and avoiding common mistakes, you can ensure you’re bringing on the right support for your business. Remember, the goal is not just to hire a VA, but to successfully hire a VA who will help your business thrive and create more time freedom for you.

Remember, the key to how to successfully hire a VA lies in preparation, clear communication, and a willingness to delegate. With these in place, you’re well on your way to scaling your business to build revenue, improve your client experiences and allow you to work less.

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