Are you feeling lost in your business?

Do you need a guide to help you navigate?

Want help to create a map with clear direction and focus?

online business audit

The BRAND NEW Holistic Business Audit is here!


Are you working all the hours and feeling trapped by your business?

Not really sure if you’re working on the right things at the right time?

If you’re ready to take control of your business and determine a clear map for success and growth then the online business audit is for you!

Together we will navigate your business, uncover what works and how we can bring more of that into your business whilst setting clear actions steps to uncovering and clearing anything which is holding you back.

After the call I will provide you with a report clearly outlining the key action points and a map of the hot spots that need your attention in your business.

Together we will navigate this powerful 55 point diagnostic tool specifically designed to help you achieve clarity about every aspect of your business.

This tool is the key to unlocking the action steps you need to take in order to make your business thrive.

By using this tool, you’ll gain unparalleled insights into your business that will allow you to make informed decisions and take the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your business to the next level!

Holistic Business Audit




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Holistic Systems Business Audit

holistic business audit

This audit is the perfect tool if you want to:

What you'll take away

A summary of our call with key points and action points!

A thorough audit of the five main business pillars: Research, Strategy, Marketing, Operations and Mindset.

A detailed report showing clear priorities and the actionable steps you can take for growth.

Focused time to spend on your business and really dive into what’s holding you back and what to focus on in the future.

Time with to check in on any limiting beliefs, mindset or energy blocks which may be holding you back.


Carrie Veatch

Kate was fantastic at providing a quick service in her Done in a Day package that got the backend of my business set up quickly. She was extremely thorough and helpful at answering all of my questions I had. She executed quickly and efficiently! I also loved how easy going you were and able to help me with my business. I now have a backend system set up to save me time and also to have my clients have a better experience! I know that I now am more equipped to serve more clients and easily make more money in my business doing what I love, which is coaching clients!

High Performance and Mindset Coach


Louise Glazebrook

Before meeting Kate I had no idea how to create systems for all of my ideas. She and I work together every single day, she is the best person to have by your side in your business. And in life. She and I have set some amazing goals for my business and we aren’t far off them and that’s because of the things she has helped me create. She is the Queen of too many things to list, she is funny, clever and unflappable. Kate has seen me through burnout and Neuro surgery, having her my my side makes me so happy.

Founder of The Darling Dog Company



I’m Kate and I’ll be your guide!


You know that kid at school that got excited about getting a new planner each September, yup that was me! And I’m still a planner addict now, I still have a filofax and a Happy Planner and an Erin Condren, you get the idea!

Planning, systemizing, developing structure to create calm amongst the chaos. This is what I am all about and this is why you need me. I love to bring order to the pandemonium. You should see my sock drawer, it is a thing of beauty!

the Frequently asked Q's

This is just for the Business Audit call and the report following the call.

If you later decide that you would like some support to implement and action the plan, I do have packages available for this. 

We’ll meet on zoom to work together through the diagnostic tool. After our meeting I’ll send you your personalised PDF report within three business days.

Only a few minutes, please make sure it’s completed at least 24 hour before our call.

Once you have booked the session that ensures your spot in my calendar. If you cancel with more than 24 hours notice, I will allow you to rebook another session at no extra cost. If there is less than 24 hours notice, there will be a 50% cancellation fee in order to re-book another time for your session.

Email me at and I’ll get straight back to you.

Hear more from my brilliant clients...

Sarah Jepson

Working with Kate has force me (in a good way!) take time to reflect on how I spend my time and where I spend my energy. It has given me a new sense of control and lightness around my week, knowing I am making the right time for the most vital and important things in my business. This means I feel more in control and therefore more calm, winning!!

Kate is a total beaut! She can quickly unravel the most important things and makes everything feel totally achievable, She is great at breaking things down and making them seem totally doable. She is fun to work with, she is never stressed or seems overwhelmed which is really reassuring!

Founder of Attention Marketing and Six Degrees

holistic systems

Brittany Rincon

Working with Kate has given me the feeling that I can hit the ground running! I loved how easy and natural it was working with you and our time together just flew by. One of my favorite parts was actually creating a schedule that is realistic for myself and my business so that I am not working 24/7. Balance is important to me and you helped me regain that.


Your experience and expertise helped put my ideas and thoughts into actionable steps. You made the chaos that is my business feel calm.

Founder of Hello Podcast Media