5 Essential Strategic Planning Questions for Business Success

As we get into Quarter 2 it’s really important to focus on strategic planning for your business. Using Strategic planning questions will ensure that you are setting clear, actionable goals which are leading you towards growth and success on your terms, whether that be financial or time-based rewards. 

I’ve compiled a list of essential questions that I frequently use in my strategic planning sessions with clients. These questions are designed to prompt deep thinking and strategic decision-making.

Q1 – Why?

Start with why,” said Simon Sinek in his Ted Talk. This simple question, (a favourite of most toddlers) is a great place to start. This question is the compass that guides us and reveals our core intentions. As you think about your intentions for Q2, ask yourself: Why is this goal important to me now? How does it align with my broader vision? Reflecting on the ‘why’ provides clarity and purpose, ensuring that our actions are not just deliberate but deeply meaningful.

Taking a moment to ask ‘why’ will stop us jumping straight into every idea and ensuring that each choice takes us closer to our vision. 

Q2 – How will we know if we are successful?

When we aren’t clear on what success looks like, we will never be successful. Vague goals like “increase revenue” and “get more clients” are not measurable so we are less likely to celebrate our wins. Make your goals quantifiable, such as a 20% revenue increase or working 5 less hours each week. By defining success with clear outcome goals, we create a roadmap that not only guides us but also allows us to celebrate milestones along the journey.

Q3 – What do I want my role to be in all of this?

Consider your role in achieving these goals. What do you want to do? Not want to do? What should come off your plate? (even though you could be doing it.) Take into account what energises you and what drains you. A time audit is a great place to start with this and will reveal your deepest darkest time wasters…Candy crush anyone? 

As a Certified OBM one of my favorite things to do is help my clients clear their plates and let go of the things they no longer enjoy and that they shouldn’t be involved in anymore. 

Q4 – Who can do this better than me?

Delegating tasks to those who can perform them better is a key aspect of effective business management. Identifying tasks that others can do more efficiently allows you to focus on areas where you add the most value. This approach also leverages the strengths of your team, leading to better outcomes. 

As Steve Jobs insightfully remarked, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” Embrace the strength in diversity and delegation.


Q5 – What if this doesn’t work out?

Considering potential setbacks and developing contingency plans is an important part of strategic planning. It’s essential to think about what steps you’ll take if your initial plan doesn’t lead to the desired outcomes. This helps ensure that your business can adapt to challenges and continue moving forward. If you’ve pre-planned what to do in certain situations it can help remove the emotion from difficult situations. In summary, strategic planning is a critical process for setting your business up for success in 2024. By asking these questions, you can develop a clear, focused plan that aligns with your goals and vision. If you need assistance with your strategic planning, feel free to reach out for support. Just email me or book a no obligation clarity call.

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