10 reasons you need an OBM

Ten Reasons You Need An OBM

need an OBM

Hey there business owners, do you have  an online presence? Silly question right, who doesn’t? If so, perhaps you’re wondering why you need an Online Business Manager or, OBM as we’re called?  Are you constantly working those late night hours trying to get everything done that you didn’t quite get to earlier? Are you looking at the clock with dreaded realization, knowing you’ll be waking up in a few short hours to start again?  

But how do you put a stopper on time?

This isn’t what you signed up for when you started your business. Where is all that time you thought would be available to you when the money started rolling in? Is it waiting patiently somewhere in the future, for you to catch up to it?


But what can you do to improve your chances of reaching that goal and achieving that accomplishment sooner? 

The answer may be a fairly simple one. You might be ready to bring in some help in the form of an OBM, or Online Business Manager.  But what is this mysterious and magical solution? 

Go on, relax for a moment and I’ll explain. 

The Online Business Manager explained:

You are the boss. You think up the great ideas. It’s up to you to plan them. You implement them. You set up the systems that need to be in place. Down to you to delegate the tasks to your team. You keep track of the numbers and you keep an eye on your competitors to try to keep up with them and even surpass them. Right? 

But now …

You hire an Online Business Manager and they do all of that and more. 

Here are just 10 reasons why you need an Online Business Manager:

Reason 1 – Operations Management: 

An OBM is your second in command. They take care of things and let you get on with the big picture stuff. They handle the operations of your online business. The title says it all, Online – Business – Manager. But let’s look at it a little closer for clarity.  

Reason 2 – Business Planning and Strategizing:

OBMs work in conjunction with your business plan. They consult with you on big decisions and offer suggestions and solutions to issues encountered and strategize with you on how best to implement the big ideas to generate more business for you.

Reason 3 – They implement systems and incorporate automations: 

An Online Business Manager might implement systems to manage specific aspects of your business and incorporate automatic reactions within pre-existing processes to streamline business practices and thereby infusing more economic and efficient methods for your business. Think about that one for a moment, systems created specifically to save you time and in turn, make you more money. 

Reason 4 –  Creates Standard Operating Procedures: 

Standard Operating Procedures keep your business functioning and an OBM could be in charge of, or involved in creating and setting up SOPs, if you don’t already have them. Or if you do, they can help streamline it, automate it, or revise it so that it works even better for you. 

Reason 5 – Manages your team: 

You may have a team of Virtual Assistants working diligently on the tasks you have given them. This job in itself could potentially take up chunks of time you could use better put towards those big ideas trundling about in your head. Well, guess what? Your Online Business Manager would be in charge of those VAs. She would be in charge of ensuring they are on target with their tasks. 

Think of it this way. You are a business owner – perhaps you own a shop. The VAs are the various departments and employees. And your OBM, is the store manager.

So, as your team grows, your OBM manages those integral parts to your business and you now have time to flesh out those fresh new ideas to grow your business. Nice, eh? 

Reason 6 – Assists in Accountability and delegation: 

Not only is your Online Business Manager your second in command they can also serve a supportive function as your accountability partner. Through mutual respect and understanding you can bounce ideas off of one another, hold each other accountable for implementation and planning and together ensure a more successful outcome. 

Another aspect of this element of your relationship with your OBM, is she can then delegate the work out as necessary. Your OBM will learn each of your team member’s strengths and thereby is ideal for deciding who best will accomplish the work most efficiently and effectively for best results. 

Reason 7 – People Management:

Team management can also be handled by your OBM. If something comes up in their life that causes them to have to step away from the work; if they quit; or if they simply aren’t performing. Your Online Business Manager takes responsibility for handling this. Either they hire a new member of the team, in a temporary or permanent capacity depending on the situation or if a member of the team is not performing to expectation, your OBM handles letting them go.

Reason 8 – Your OBM manages the metrics: 

One of the many jobs of an Online Business Manager can be that of monitoring and managing the metrics of your business’s online presence. She could keep an eye on the level of traffic your website is receiving and how that translates to sales. Where necessary, she may need to make or arrange alterations in the tools in place to improve or maintain high levels of traffic and to encourage a heavier flow of visitors and sales.

Reason 9 – Your OBM keeps you informed about your competitors:

A regular or monthly meeting discussing how your company compares with your competitors regarding their online performance might be an important aspect to you. This is where you discuss with your OBM strategies for what can be done by you, by her and by your team to surpass the competition. This is another opportunity for you to bring out some of those big ideas you’ve been working on in your newly acquired time. 

Reason 10 – Frees up time for you, the Big Cheese:

This one really is a concise summary of the cumulative of each of the reasons above. Why do you need an OBM? Simple, you need an Online Business Manager to be able to free up time for you. What you do with that time is up to you. How nice. 

So there you have it. 10 reasons why you need an Online Business Manager. 

  • Operations Management
  • Business Planning and Strategizing
  • They implement systems and incorporate automations
  • Creating Standard Operating Procedures
  • Manages your team
  • Assists in accountability and delegation
  • People management
  • Your OBM Manages your Metrics
  • Your OBM keeps you informed about your competitors
  • Frees up time for you

As always, if you have questions about anything OBM, or if you’re interested in working with me. Just book a call with me here. I’m always happy to chat with you. So let’s see how we can free up some of that precious time that’s been so elusive … until now.

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